Business Names

A Business Name is the name or style under which any business is carried on.

In Tanzania, They are registered under the Business Names (Registration) Act (Chapter 213 of the Laws) [R.E 2002]

A business name helps to identify your business and hence advertise it.

Business Names do not acquire Corporate personality after their registration.

People are not compelled by the law to use names in their business, but they are compelled to register them if they use names in their business.

Application for a Business Names are submitted online and the processes are as follows:-

  1. After filling the information of the Business Name and making payments the application is submitted to BRELA may be approved if the provided information are correct or may be supplemented for correction if the provided information requires corrections
  2. To change particulars in a business Name

    -Applicant fills in form no 6
    -After payment of fee, a Certificate of Change is issued alongside a new Extract.

    To cease use of Business Name

    -Cessation of the Business Name is done online on Business Names under Business Name cessation Service Type