Fees Structure

All payments are payable to the Registrar of Companies against which receipts are issued. Applicants are advised to desist from making payments for which no receipts are issued. Any demands or request by any officer in the Registry for money which is not within the payment schedule stated, should forthwith be reported to phone no. 2180113,2181344, 2180141 for necessary action.

1 Application fee TSHS 15,000 /=
2 Maintenance fee (paid annually) TSHS 5,000 /=
3 On application to register of Notice of Cessation of Business TSHS 10,000 /=
4 On application to register any alteration in particulars registered TSHS 15,000 /=
5 For every inspection of the register TSHS 2,000 /=
6 For an uncertified copy of an extract on the whole, of any document in the custody of the Registrar, per page or part of a page TSHS 3,000 /=
7 For certifying any document or extract of a document TSHS 4,000 /=
8 For issue of duplicate certificate of any registration TSHS 15,000 /=
9 For making out of time any application which is required to be made within a prescribed period, in addition to any other fee payable, for every month or part of a month in default TSHS 1,000 /=