Fees Structure

All payments are payable to the Registrar of Companies against which receipts are issued. Applicants are advised to desist from making payments for which no receipts are issued. Any demands or request by any officer in the Registry for money which is not within the payment schedule stated, should forthwith be reported to phone no. 2180113,2181344, 2180141 for necessary action.

1 Company whose nominal share capital is:
- More than Tshs. 20,000/= but not more than Tshs. 1,000,000/= TSHS 95,000 /=
- More than Tshs. 1,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 5,000,000/= TSHS 175,000 /=
- More than Tshs. 5,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 20,000,000/= TSHS 260,000 /=
- More than Tshs. 20,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 50,000,000/= TSHS 290,000 /=
- More than Tshs. 50,000,000/= TSHS 440,000 /=
2 For registration of a company not having a share capital where the number of members as stated in the Articles of Association: TSHS 300,000 /=
3 Filling fee for the application, meaning shs. 22,000/= for each document i.e Memorandum and Articles of Association, Forms no. 14a and 14b. TSHS 66,000 /=
4 Each Stamp duty for each copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association is charged TSHS 5,000 /=
5 Stamp duty for Form no. 14b is charged TSHS 1,200 /=
6 For reservation of a company name TSHS 50,000 /=
7 For company name change TSHS 22,000 /=
8 For the receipt and/or registration by Registrar of any document which under the Act is to be delivered to him TSHS 22,000 /=
9 For the late filing/registration fee to be paid to the Registrar of any document delivered to him (per month or part thereof) TSHS 2,500 /=
10 For filing of Annual Returns TSHS 22,000 /=
11 For certification of any document, per page TSHS 3,000 /=
12 For making search in any file/perusal TSHS 3,000 /=
13 For obtaining a written search report per file TSHS 22,000 /=
14 Fees payable by a company to which Part XII of the Act applies
- For the registration of certified copy of a charter, statute or memorandum and articles of the company, or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the company USD 750 /=
- For registration of filling any document required to be delivered to the Registrar under Part XII of the Act/other than the balance sheet USD 220 /=
- For filling of Balance Sheet USD 220 /=
- For late filing/registration fee to be paid to the Registrar of any document delivered to him out of time (per month or part thereof) USD 25 /=
15 For obtaining a copy of Certificate of Incorporation TSHS 4,000 /=