Reliability of BRELA Information

From 1st February, 2018 ORS is replacing BRELA paper based registry. This is to inform you that the reliable and trustful information about Companies, Business Names, Trade and Service Marks, Patent and Industrial Licenses will only be provided from the ORS.

Hard copy documents can be requested online and certified by the Registrar.

All Government institutions which are not yet integrated with the ORS will be given a special Government account and will be required to send their applications online through the Head of the said institution by choosing service type “request for standard Search” where by the system will generate information automatically or ‘‘Request for Custom Search” where official search will be responded as per request.

Any other person will get online official searches through the service type “request for standard Search”

Note: The Institution will however, be required to nominate a person who will open the account with his/her NIN for the creation of ORS Account.

Usahihi na Uhakika wa taarifa zinazotolewa na Msajili

Kwa upande wa Taasisi za Serikali zitapewa fursa maalum ya kuingia kwenye mfumo. Taasisi zitaomba taarifa kupitia kwenye mfumo kwa kupitishwa na Mkuu wa Taasisi husika, atatakiwa kuingia kwa kubofya “Request for Standard Search” ambapo taarifa zitapatikana na kutolewa na mfumo moja kwa moja au kuingia kwa kubofya "Request for Custom Search-Tailor made" ambapo taarifa zitafanyiwa kazi na kutolewa kutokana na ombi husika.

Wateja wote wanaweza kupata taarifa za makampuni kwa njia ya mtandao kwa kubofya "request for standard Search" ambapo majibu yatatolewa kwa papo kwa papo mara tu baada ya kukamilisha malipo.